A celebration
of bootleg

7–8 March 2024

Testing Grounds,

Vic Markets

Presented by Furrmien


An ode to the times you can’t be fucked. Meals made from scraps, when you C.B.F. doing the groceries, are feeling run down, stuck in the wilderness, or totally out of gas. C.B.F. Cuisine is about making food by any means; embracing the moments that call for the most ultimate of bootlegging techniques.

This is not any old event; it’s an open forum and a celebration of unconventional approaches to food creation. We look to explore bootleg cooking as a sustainable practice and emphasise that there is grace in unorthodox methods of meal prep as well as dignity in the ugliest presentations of food. We welcome all ages, experiences, and backgrounds to join us in breaking the rules and bootlegging some meals.

In the words of Chef Mic, “Anti-cheffing is the culinary rebellion that will save us all.”
C.B.F. Cuisine

C.B.F. Cuisine: A celebration of bootleg cooking’ will coincide with the launch of Furrmien’s bootleg recipe book, ‘How to Preserve Yourself’, covering the basics of DIY cooking when you can’t be fucked. The book was produced from start to finish in less than 3 weeks, written by Dean Wallflower & Dennis Yong, and first launched in Leipzig, Germany in December 2023.